Welcome to this forum, a means for parents / guardians and anyone involved with young people in the community to discuss issues and organise / promote events concerning their education, and to provide enrichment opportunities for both children and adults.

Hernhill Forum has been created to facilitate communication and discussion between those wishing to enhance the educational and social aspect of the children’s  lives, as well as those of everyone living in and around the Hernhill community.

Please feel free to join the debate, raise issues of your own, make suggestions for widening opportunities, communal events and things you might like to see, and help the ways in which we can help assist each other and help the community to flourish.

Please note that the forum is entirely separate from the School and its website.

Photos will only be published to the forum with prior consent having been obtained from the relevant parties.

Please address any matters for the forum by e-mailing directly: click here.

Welcome: let free-thinking and creative consultation begin!