All fright on the night…

Hernhill village has become a hotbed of horror, and terrors await the unwary traveller trespassing on the roads this Halloween. Skeletons, vampires, witches and strange ghostly figures lurk behind fences; hedgerows strewn with cobewbs teem with giant spiders; ghastly mannequins wait to surprise passers-by; dare YOU tread these historic paths on these dark nights during the Halloween period ?!

20191027_114210If so, then collect a map from Summer Leas Farm for £2, and trace your fearful footsteps throughout the trail leading through the village; the trail lasts all this week, with a ghostly Grand Finale at Summer Leas Farm on 31 October from 6.30pm. Proceeds from this terrifying odyssey will go towards a fund-raiser to celebrate the village church’s 900th anniversary throughout 2020.

Grab and map; will you make it through the village alive ?

A big Hallowe’en Thank You!

A tremendously big ‘thank you’ to all those brave residents around the village, who so graciously volunteered to answer their door to the screaming hordes that turned up to go ‘trick or treat-ing’ this Hallowe’en evening.

Barmy Army!

At times, it must have felt akin to the Feeding of the Five Thousand, as the massed ranks of the village’s children went around the village like a minor army.

To everyone who bravely opened their door and distributed sweets to the seething crowds: we salute you!