All about that bus: Faversham Transport Weekend brings town alive

An excellent first day of the Faversham Transport Weekend, which saw the town hosting all manner of vintage vehicles for enthusiasts of historic transport.

Whilst tomorrow brings vintage cars, today was all about buses, with many standing proud throughout the centre of town whilst others were fulfilling usual bus-route commitments to far-flung Challock and the like. The Alexander Centre is currently hosting a photographic display as part of the weekend as well as a collection of bicycles under the title ‘From Boneshaker to BMX.’ As usual, many of the town’s window-displays have responded to the occasion, including that in the window of The Disgruntled Cat, upon whom you can always rely for an eye-catching adornment to the town.


Further up Abbey Street, there’s also an opportunity to learn about the Swing the Bridge campaign at the stall outside no. 92, where you can find out more about this crucial project to raise funds for the installation of a swing-bridge to re-vitalise Faversham Creek Basin and the wider local community.

 Street entertainment includes live music and Punch & Judy; and there’s plenty more to enjoy tomorrow too. An historic market town with a rich heritage, Faversham certainly knows how to celebrate history. Catch it if you can.

Carlyle would have been proud; Disgruntled Cat in Faversham

Thomas Carlyle said one should not trust someone “for whom old clothes are not venerable.” He would therefore have been delighted to have browsed in the Disgruntled Cat, Faversham’s vintage clothing shop.

20121219-164644.jpgSituated opposite Iceland, this haven for lovers of vintage clothing is a neat and thoughtfully-presented store, which although not occupying a large footprint, nevertheless feels light and spacious, with plenty of space to browse.

The range of clothing is excellent, ranging from cloaks and form-fitting, close-cut jackets for ladies to boating blazers and tweed overcoats for men, and even clothing from yesteryear for children, including an immaculate tweed overcoat and cap from the 1930s for a dashing child.

Shop window
The Cat’s whiskers…

For stock of such variety and good quality, the pricing is eminently affordable and very competitively priced; this Mecca for clothing enthusiasts may just be Faversham’s best-kept secret.

Find out more on their website here.

Reviewed by Tom