The importance of the arts in our education

An article in yesterday’s Guardian assesses the vital importance of the arts to education, and looks at the implications of its absence from the recent proposals for the new EBacc qualification,

We all have an interest in giving our children a broad education. Of course, they need literacy and numeracy. But they also need to develop their imaginations, and exercise their visual skills and emotional creativity. Learning through and about the arts enables young people to make, learn and express themselves. This is fundamental to achieving success in school and in later life.

Other subjects suffer in the absence of the arts. Schools that integrate arts into their curriculum also show improved student performance in maths, English, critical thinking and verbal skills. The arts have a primary role in a world that is now highly dependent on visual literacy. Engineers, designers and those employed in the media all have to understand through images as much as through words.

Read the full article online here.

New venture: Open Dawes!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new community venture, Open Dawes, aimed at providing a broad range of workshops, activities and events for the local community, in particular its children and parents or carers.

Aiming to provide local access to arts activities, as well as to support the educational development of pre-school and primary children, Open Dawes is a visionary, forward-looking project with the welfare, education and recreation of the community at its heart.

You can read more about Open Dawes in its mission statement on the DCA website here.