Thanks to Mid-Kent Astronomical Society, we are all made of stars

Huge thanks to Ian Hargraves and members of MKAS, who brought along their expertise and chunks of meteorites to our Stargazing event last night.

Visitors gather at the start of the event

Heavy cloud-cover could have left the sizable crowd who had gathered in the village hall disappointed, but the team had brought along all manner of materials, and we were treated to a lecture from Ian about aspects of the solar system and the Milky Way, complete with presentation slides and scale-models. As we found out, when stars explode, they release particles into the cosmos, out of which everything is formed: including us.

Ian Hargraves addresses an attentive audience

Practical activities allowed children (and quite a few adults!) to build their own planisphere and models of the Milky Way, and there were displays and relics concerning the main meteorite impact-sites around the world, including the Vredefort structure in South Africa, and the Chixculub crater which scientists now believe was probably responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The team were knowledgeable and approachable, chatting enthusiastically over coffee during the evening and sharing their passion for astronomy with great enthusiasm. Our thanks to MKAS for their time and generosity in taking part: we hope to welcome them back to participate in another stargazing night in late March – we’ll keep you posted. Thanks to Miriam who put the event together, too.

I made this!

Find out more about MKAS on their website here.

Mid-Kent Astronomical Society will join our Stargazing Event!

Stargazing LIVE

We are excited to announce that the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society has agreed to bring their expertise and their telescopes along to the Hernhill Stargazing Live event on Saturday!

The Society will provide activities and a presentation for children in the Village Hall, so the event will go ahead whatever the weather.

Saturday 19th January 6 – 8pm

If the sky is clear the astronomical society will carry on stargazing ’till late – everyone is welcome to stay.

Hernhill Playing Fields & Village Hall

An Open Dawes Free Event for Children, Families & Friends.

Tea, Coffee & Snacks will be on sale.

Please contact if you are coming – we need to get an idea of numbers.

Please bring warm clothes, and, (if you have them), binoculars, red torch (bike lamp), compass, smartphone app. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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Enhancing your stargazing experience with mobile technology

“A mobile phone may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about astronomy, but with over 85% of handsets now offering internet access, many with the ability to support apps, it can be a highly useful tool in getting more out of your experience, whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned astronomer”.

Find out more here:

Stargazing LIVE

19th January 2012 Hernhill Playing Fields