Still more thefts in Dargate

June 23, 2013

There has been yet another burglary in Dargate, from one of the houses along Butlers Hill. At around 2am this morning, thieves broke into an outhouse and stole a quad-bike.

The police are involved: please continue to be vigilant and mindful of your property’s security.


Theft last night:be aware

May 27, 2013

Thieves in the Hernhill area stole electrical equipment from a garden shed last night; the police are involved, please keep an eye on out-buildings and make sure your homes are secure.

Technology theft in Hernhill

January 26, 2013

Police are appealing for information after computer tablets totaling £100,000 were stolen from a trailer in Plum Pudding Lane on Monday night.

Read the full story here, including contact details if you can help.

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