Make Kent Quicker broadband campaign: vote now!

As mentioned in the latest issue of the Hernhill News, the ‘Make Kent Quicker’ campaign to improve the county’s broadband service has been extended; officially due to have finished by now, the campaign is in fact still open, and there’s still time for you to register your vote. As their website declares:

Image: KCC

KCC and the Government have invested 20 million pounds to get Kent faster broadband. HOWEVER, we NEED your votes to show there’s high demand for faster broadband so we can encourage internet providers to invest in Kent.

Make Kent Quicker is a campaign launched and run by Kent County Council.

Our ambition is for 90% of homes and businesses to have superfast broadband access by 2015.

To achieve our ambitions we need to show there’s demand for faster broadband. The greater the demand, the more broadband providers will be prepared to invest in Kent.

Back in May, over 10,000 people had voted, according to KCC website. You can register your vote for faster broadband in Kent by visiting the online page here; and check it out on Facebook here as well.

Your vote counts…

Test your broadband speed: feedback required

The Hernhill Village website is asking for people to measure their broadband download speed, using a free on-line Speed Checker, and to leave a comment with the results, as part of a fact-finding project.

SpeedometerPlease visit the on-line Speed Checker by clicking here, and then posting your result as a comment on the village website here. Hopefully the Parish Council will be motivated to act on the results if feedback shows a poor speed in the local area.

We’ve tested ours: 2126 kps: pretty poor. Over to you…