Support for Vulnerable People – Covid 19

Swale Borough Council are starting a scheme to support vulnerable people during the present crisis. The scheme should be in operation from the beginning of April.
If you need support, then details of the scheme and how to register will be available from Swale Borough Council after the end of March. If you need help before then or have any difficulty contacting Swale Borough Council, please telephone Councillor Chris Page on 01227 750284 or 07971 178974. He is the Parish Council’s point of contact for any questions about the scheme or coronavirus community support.
The scheme needs volunteers to help with deliveries of food and medicines to vulnerable residents. Training will be given. Volunteers should not be in one of the high risk categories listed on the Public Health England website.
If you are willing to help, then please visit the scheme’s online forum to register. A link to the forum is on the Swale Borough Council website or available by emailing the Parish Council at

Neighbourhood Area Designation

Neighbourhood Area Designation – Hernhill Parish Council

Hernhill Parish Council has made an application to Swale Borough Council to designate a neighbourhood area. This is in area within which a neighbourhood plan can be prepared.

Neighbourhood plans give communities power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. The area applied for is the same as the Parish boundary, and can be viewed on a map, along with a letter for the reasons for the application, on Swale Borough Council’s website here:

Swale Borough Council is seeking your views on the suitability of the proposed area to be designated as a neighbourhood area. If you have any comments, you can submit these via email to: or by post to:

Planning Policy,
Swale House,
East Street,
ME10 3HT
Comments must be received by midday on Monday 16 March 2020, after which a decision will be made and published on Swale Borough Council’s website. If you have any questions, please contact 01795 417395 or

The Parish Council in due course will be looking for parishioners who are interested in contributing to and shaping the Neighbourhood Plan. More information will follow in the coming months


Parish map