Faversham in the Great War

Explore the story of Faversham during the First World War on this website here, including historic photographs and postcards from the period. 

Or for a wider perspective, follow This Day in World War One on Twitter for tweeted events as they happened.

Fascinating stuff…

Grammar Schools: Debate on Radio 4 at 12.15 today

Home Secretary Theresa May has backed plans for an expansion of a grammar school in her constituency and London’s Mayor Boris Johnson says scrapping the grammar school system was a “tragedy” because they boost social mobility. What do you think?

Were you helped up the ladder by a grammar school? Or are poor bright pupils locked out by better off children with tutors? Might they be better helped by bursaries to the fee-paying independent schools whose members dominate workplace elites?

Tell You and Yours your stories – email them at youandyours@bbc.co. uk
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Image: bbc.co.uk

Find free lessons and resources at The Khan Academy

“Sal Khan worked as a hedge-fund analyst before he set up the Khan Academy, almost by accident, when his cousin in another city needed help with her maths homework. Since then, his online video lessons have been watched half a billion times, and he’s been described by Bill Gates as ‘the world’s favourite teacher’.

In the BBC Radio 4 programme, Sal Khan talks about how and why he set up the not-for-profit organisation. He tells Sarah Montague why he believes lesson time in school could be spent more effectively if the explanation of new ideas is done at home, with students watching video lectures, in a process known as ‘flipped learning’.

He argues that pupils should have the freedom to move at their own pace, only moving on when they have mastered a concept. He says this type of learning would be done best in larger classes made up of students from mixed age groups and abilities”.

Listen to the BBC Radio 4 programme The Educators

and use the free on-line resources at The Khan Academy





Stargazing Live Event 18th January

Mid Kent Astronomical Society are holding a MEGA Space Spectacular at Canterbury Academy on 18th January 2014. The event will have some of their usual favorite activities plus rocket making and launching for the youngsters. Their will be Astrodomes and Cool Science presentations given by Kent University, (lots of liquid nitrogen experiments aimed at younger audiences, obviously all closely controlled to make them safe).

MKAS will also be giving astronomy talks in a proper lecture theatre and offering a chance to visit the large observatory and take part in observing through an array of telescopes located outside in the field.

They will have some specially adapted telescopes to take compact cameras and smartphones which will give an opportunity for visitors to take their own photos of Jupiter and the Moon if its clear.

Saturday 18th January , 7 – 10pm


Canterbury Academy

Download the poster here: Stargazing live

Find more Stargazing Live events here:


and don’t forget to watch the BBC Stargazing live at 8pm on 7th, 8th & 9th January.

Changes to the Kent Test 2014

The new ‘Tutor-proof’ Kent Test will be introduced in 2014.

MP910220894[1]The Kent Test has been changed in order to make it harder for children to be tutored and trained to pass.  It is intended that the test will change every year so that it is less predictable and therefore harder to practice .

There is little information about the contents of the new test, but from the information we have gathered, it seems that the test will be taken on one day and include:

  • 1 multiple choice paper assessing verbal & non-verbal reasoning
  • 1 multiple choice paper assessing literacy & numeracy
  • A writing task taking completed in one day under test conditions. This will not be marked, but made available for head teacher panels to use in borderline cases at the request of the primary school.

The practice papers will no longer be separate, but incorporated into the main papers.

It would be impossible to create a truly ‘tutor-proof’ exam, but Kent County Council hope that this will go some way to counteracting what has become an industry of Kent Test tutoring, giving an unfair advantage to those who can afford the tutoring fees.

The test will be set and provided by the same company as previous years. More information about the contents and format of the test will become available in May.


Who’d be a Teacher?

Teaching unions are planning a wave of strikes across England and Wales because they are disenchanted with changes to teachers’ pay, pensions and teaching methods that will be introduced from September this year. The first strike will take place in the North West on 27th June with more strikes to follow in the autumn, unless, the government agrees to re-open talks with the unions.

As teachers’ unions threaten to take strike action over pay, pensions and teaching practices, ITV’s Jonathan Maitland returned to the classroom to see if they have a point. Watch the programme here: