An open letter to A.D. Taylor

Dear Alan,

I write in response to your recent ill-judged and poorly presented item (I hesitate to call it an ‘article,’ as it is hardly worthy of the term) in this month’s edition of the Hernhill News, in which you take a very brief and alarmingly glib look at the controversial topic of the over-sexualisation of children’s clothes.

Aside from considerations of whether such a matter is suitable for inclusion in a village newsletter, when there seems to be no sense that the matter has arisen out of a local need to be addressed, it seems odd that you should address so sensitive an issue in such a glib fashion. You present no facts to back up your points, which are presented in a trite manner that seems to have no clear argument or purpose to it. Your rosy-tinted recollections of school-playground antics aren’t, let’s be honest, sufficient to justify whatever point it is you feel you are making.

In a rare moment of literary clarity, you say later on that ‘It could be that some adults have the problem.’ As you haven’t hitherto stated what the problem is, it is unclear what ‘problem’ you are considering. Perhaps you mean that it is to do with the adult fetishisation of children, and clothing which could be considered inappropriate for a child to wear given its adult overtones, or overtly provocative connotations. In which case, you are hovering on the brink of starting to address a serious issue: but you don’t do so.

Your item came up in conversation amongst a group of us over this holiday weekend, including some senior village representatives – I won’t say whom, in order to spare their blushes. And yours. There was universal condemnation of your item, and a very apparent feeling that the village newsletter, more often than not, serves as an organ for the promulgation of your personal views in such opinion pieces, rather than being a useful tool to address village matters.

You have, of course, every right to share your opinions – but not, perhaps, in the Hernhill News. Other, relevant information might occupy the space for which you write your fillers – tide times for those wanting to go to the beach; opening times and events at Mount Ephraim; and so forth. Please, in future, refrain from using the newsletter as a means of propagating your views on whatever vacuous notion has taken your literary fancy, and allow it to have a real purpose and relevancy to the residents of Hernhill. And certainly not to touch so vacuously on a topic which has very real, wider social issues.

We hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend.



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Half a year old…

With the Forum now reaching six months old, now seems a useful time to reflect on all that’s gone on (both on- and off-line!) over the past six months.

We’ve had two Saturday Singing Workshops; a village party; a guided tour of Bossenden Wood; the launch of the Exchange Cafe after school on Fridays; a digital newsletter; the Supper Club; an article covering the Exchange Cafe appearing in the Faversham News; the Exchange Cafe flourishing to include outdoor summer activities such as tennis and table-tennis sessions; and the creation of ‘Open Dawes’ to facilitate further events and activities.

Alongside all the other events in and around the village, including the Village Fete, and the looming prospect of Hernhill Open Gardens and the Brenda Irving Charity Dressage event, the community is a dynamic place to be!

In the next few weeks, we’ve a trip to Wildwood, a family walk and picnic, the public launching of Open Dawes, ‘Music for a Summer’s Day,’ a concert of popular operatic and oratorio, showtunes and music theatre repertoire, and a sign language workshop.

Not bad for something that’s only six months old! Thanks, of course, to everyone who has been a part of it all, and to you, Dear Reader, for visiting, commenting on and sharing articles, and making the Forum a vibrant part of the community’s communicative culture.

There’ll be a lot more to come in the next six months as well; keep an eye on the Forum to find out all that’s happening…Keep up!

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