Spike’s Hedgehog Sanctuary

Spike’s Hedgehog Sanctuary is a small home-based hedgehog hospital run by volunteers Mary Lane in Yorkletts and Angela Warne from Hernhill.

We take care, of sick injured and orphaned baby hedgehogs and once fit and well we return them to the wild.

Hernhill is very lucky to still have a good population of hedgehogs as they have been lost in many areas of the U.K. and as this is an endangered species we feel our work is even more important.

This year, as well as our usual hospital work, we aim to try and help increase the numbers of this rapidly decreasing species. Recently we have released 34 hedgehogs who over-wintered with us back to their original homes.

We make and sell hedgehog -themed items which are available to buy from us, to boost our funds, as we are totally self-funding and 100% of all profits go to the hedgehog hospital.

If you want to help hedgehogs in your garden there are lots of tips on our website.

If you find a hedgehog out during the day or a sick or injured hedgehog please don’t wait a few days we are here to help.


We can be contacted on 01227 280535

Email: spikessanctury@aol.co.uk



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