Are Faversham residents stressed ?

A report in the Canterbury Times indicates that, according to a recent survey, experts have found Swale residents to be ‘anxious, depressed and temperamental.’

A team of psychologists has ranked 380 council areas according to how around 400,000 people assessed their key personality traits, and found residents of the Swale and Maidstone districts display high levels of neuroticism, although Faversham residents also rank highly in being conscientious.

oare_2If this is true, we need to do more to remind ourselves of the plentiful leisure opportunities Faversham affords – the Recreation ground, Oare Nature Reserve, Faversham Pools which has recently won a refurbishment grant of £150,000 – as well as its art galleries, cafés and restaurants, the Royal Cinema, the Arden Theatre, and its coastal proximity. Seasalter and Whitstable are but a step away, rural areas for walking and cycling including the Saxon Shore coastal trail; and every so often the town bursts into vigorous life with one festival or another – the Hat Festival, the Hop Festival, the vintage Transport Vehicle Weekend. For a town that’s supposed to be depressed, you can usually find it celebrating something!

Whilst the pace of life can often be frantic in the Digital Age, let’s also remember that you can find plenty to enjoy in Faversham. There are areas that give residents cause for concern, certainly; congestion around Abbey Street, the unpredictability of travelling by South East trains, the need for more buses – but there’s much to enjoy too.

Read the story online here.


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