Changes to the Kent Test 2014

The new ‘Tutor-proof’ Kent Test will be introduced in 2014.

MP910220894[1]The Kent Test has been changed in order to make it harder for children to be tutored and trained to pass.  It is intended that the test will change every year so that it is less predictable and therefore harder to practice .

There is little information about the contents of the new test, but from the information we have gathered, it seems that the test will be taken on one day and include:

  • 1 multiple choice paper assessing verbal & non-verbal reasoning
  • 1 multiple choice paper assessing literacy & numeracy
  • A writing task taking completed in one day under test conditions. This will not be marked, but made available for head teacher panels to use in borderline cases at the request of the primary school.

The practice papers will no longer be separate, but incorporated into the main papers.

It would be impossible to create a truly ‘tutor-proof’ exam, but Kent County Council hope that this will go some way to counteracting what has become an industry of Kent Test tutoring, giving an unfair advantage to those who can afford the tutoring fees.

The test will be set and provided by the same company as previous years. More information about the contents and format of the test will become available in May.



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