KS2 grammar, punctuation & spelling tests

In May 2013, the Department for Education is introducing a new test “to make sure that when children leave primary school they are confident in grammar, punctuation and spelling. The test will ensure that primary schools place a stronger focus on the teaching of these skills than in previous years”.

The English grammar, punctuation and spelling test assesses children’s English skills in five key areas in Year 6.

The DfE have produced a leaflet for parents: “This document outlines for parents what the tests are for, why children must take them and how their children will benefit”. It can be downloaded here:

Information for Parents

Both the level 3-5 test and level 6 tests will assess children’s abilities in the following technical aspects of English:

  • grammar;
  • punctuation;
  • spelling;
  • vocabulary; and
  • handwriting (subject to final decisions following the results of the technical pre-test).

The sample materials document gives information about:

  • the specific areas of the programmes of study that the level 3-5 and level 6 tests will assess;
  • what the tests will cover within the National Curriculum level descriptors; and
  • the format of the tests.

It also provides some illustrative examples of the types of tasks and questions children will encounter. It can be downloaded here:

Sample Materials Document

Not everybody is convinced that these tests are a good idea. Read an alternative view here:



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